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As per June the first 2013 there is a new law about having an energy performance certificate The government have said they will fine people that have a property for sale or rent that does not have an "EPC". Fines of between 3000 and 600,000 euros can be given to anybody who needs an EPC (CEE) who does not have one. This includes agents as well as private individuals.

Because of the new law we have decided not to list property for sale and only short term rentals as it is an impossible task to have a certificate for every house for sale. We have the properties in stock so please contact us for you requirements and we will send you relevant properties directly per mail. 

We find exactly what you are looking for on a one-on-one basis.

We offer many fabulous homes. The key is to find out what you are looking for - so we will have a good talk about that. After that we begin to find what you are looking for.

Your needs and desires are most important to us and we will do our outmost that you get a nice vacation or find the perfect home that you are after; the right quality, design, location and price.

It is not more difficult or complicated to buy a holiday home or permanent residence in Spain than it is to buy one in your own country -here in Spain you have the advantage of a nice climate and welcoming and nice people from all walks of life.

In Spain you are almost ALWAYS sure about a nice weather. 

Buying a house

You  will always be able to finding the right house. The biggest challenge is finding the right geographical location in Spain before you buy. Spain is a big country with many offers.

Some people are looking for a finca, a winery or a business. We can easily help you finding that. Most often people want to find accommodation on the coastal area which of course makes the prior research somewhat easier. We took a trip up the coast of Spain ourselves, when we purchased our villa in 2005 and found out that Costa Blanca was the right place and had the right coastline. The reasons were many: Firstly, the nature is quite unique here with an alternation between cliffs and sea, vineyards and mountain areas. It is more green here than many other places, and here it is still very Spanish. Also, there is a law not to build higher than three storeys in most places. Cables should also be buried in the ground, so it does not disturb the beautiful seaview you experience most places. Costa Blanca is one of the healthiest places in the world according to the health organization WHO and we have heard of many who get rid of their arthritis and asthma plagues when they settle on the Costa Blanca. The prices on property are also extremely stable and steady on Costa Blanca, which ideal if you are looking for a long and good investment.

We will guide you throughout your house purchase, and answer your questions or find someone who can. We are not an expensive part in your property purchase, actually you will often find that with our help you will often obtain a better deal than you would otherwise on your own.

We pick you up in the airport in Spain or meet you where you prefer. Together we look at your preferred properties. We can help with all the practical things in connection with the acquisition, in particular. We can also help in areas such as house insurance. We let you in general not go so easily. Much of our work consists of after-sales service.

We would love to share our experiences about Spain with you and look forward to having a meeting with you or talk to you on the phone or perhaps on skype.  

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